Deep House Music Equals Tube & Berger

I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than listening to chill Deep house music windows down just cruising in the car.

Tube & Berger, aka Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic started doing music at sixteen together. After 8 years of hard work and the deep kicks leading the way in production, Tube and Berger finally got the chance to release a studio album June 2012 called Introlution.

Introlution is a original approach to the club sound. The overall feeling is a clubby album be chill enough to cruise in the car.


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Jon Bellion- LIFE

Jon Bellion


Jon Bellion is a rising star in the pop world.  You may have already heard many of his songs.  As a songwriter Jon writes songs and hooks for many others.  Among those others are Jason Derulo and Eminem.  The first name may not surprise you but the second name may have you scratching your head.   Have you heard the new Eminem song featuring Rihanna song called Monster?  If so you have heard Jon Bellion’s writing at work, he wrote the hook for this song.

How in the world did he get to write a hook for Eminem?  Is what you are most likely asking yourself.  I was asking the same question until I watched his interview with MTV.  When Jon sat down with them he explained how this all came about.  Turns out he originally went in to work with a producer that use to work with Slaughterhouse.  (Slaughterhouse is currently signed to Shady Records).  Jon went in and played that producer and others his songs which they were impressed with.  He was asked to write for them and he happily obliged.

When they started playing the keys he mumbled a hook.  Little did he know that hook would end up being used by Eminem later.  They loved the hook he mumbled and made an entire song from it.  After this the producer decided to take just the hook and send it off to record companies.  The response was epic as everyone wanted this hook.  Everyone including Shady Records who ultimately got it after Jon decided to take a chance and send it to them to use.

A few days later he found out that Eminem was going to use the hook he wrote.  He was thrilled t0 say the least.  After all his hard work he finally got a big break.  Still many people do not know about him which is the reason why I wrote this.

Give Jon Bellion’s other music a listen below:


After the VMA’s I’m Disappointed with Katy Perry… not Miley Cyrus

After watching the MTV Video Music Awards I logged onto Facebook and saw my wall full of comments about Miley Cyrus dancing inappropriately. This is coming off the heels of the great “Affleck is Batman” debacle so I knew this was serious. I watched Miley Cyrus dance with Robin Thicke and I wasn’t too shocked by it. It seems like she is going through a fairly common phase that child stars go through where they realize they are no longer a child star and feel pressured to reintroduce themselves as an adult. We’ve seen this with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes with terrible results. Miley seems to be going through this phase in a relatively healthy way. She wasn’t hurting anybody with that foam finger and right now she’s got a hit song on the radio. She’s 20 years old and although Robin Thicke is 36 and married, that performance was nothing compared to Robin Thicke dancing with completely topless girls in his video for Blurred Lines.

Let’s talk about Katy Perry though, what was disappointing about her performance? Was she being inappropriate? No, not at all. If I had any problem with her outfit, it would be that it was very unflattering. Katy has a great body and she chose to put it into men’s boxing shorts and a poorly fitting sports bra. This could have been planned on purpose to accentuate the portion of her song where she was jumping up and down with a jump rope. I don’t care about that, before I say what bothered me I have to point out something else that got on my nerves before she even performed. Twice before she ended the show it was announced that she would be performing her biggest hit ever… Biggest Hit Ever? I quickly checked the Billboard charts and saw that her single was #2 behind Robin Thicke’s, Blurred Lines. Where did this come from and why would they say that? She’s had tons of #1 singles and this isn’t one of them yet? That’s like saying Avengers 2 is the most profitable movie of all times.

Anyway, here’s what bothered me and it wasn’t so much the performance, it’s the song itself, but it was very evident in this performance. Katy Perry is supposed to be a singer and Roar is the first single off of her new album so why isn’t she doing any singing? She’s talking the words to the verses and then doing a little singing on the chorus. It’s a trend I noticed from another pop star that has been in the game for a long time, Britney Spears. Early in the summer I was hearing a lot of the track with Britney Spears called Scream & Shout. I was floored by that track because Britney Spears literally does not sing a single note. Every line that comes out of her mouth is just her talking. Is Britney Spears the music equivalent of Morgan Freeman? Is her voice so amazing that we’re happy just hearing her speak. The majority of her song Ooh La La off of the Smurfs 2 soundtrack was her talking and I have to say, in my opinion, that is the worst song that I have ever heard. I love pop music and I even enjoy some Britney Spears, but that song is such a blatant, “money-ploy”, fart to the ear drums. So the problem I have with Britney and Katy Perry’s new single is that I don’t think it’s fair to the fans if these pop singers aren’t going to put in the effort to even bother singing on their tracks. There are so many talented artists, like the one’s featured on this site, that are wanting to be heard and deserving attention while current artists are just talking and collecting checks.

Coyote Kisses – Call it “Glitch Step”

I was cruising Youtube and came across Coyote Kisses track, “Acid Wolfpack” and had my brain blown. It had this great build and then once the beat dropped it was impossible not to start bopping my head. You know a new track is good when right when it finishes you automatically replay it right when it’s done. After that I started listening to all of their other stuff that was on youtube and it solidified me as a fan.

To give you some background on Coyote Kisses, like a lot of great electronic music, it comes from the brains of two individuals. For Coyote Kisses it’s two young guys from, Lakeland, Florida which is just a loogie hock from where I am in Clearwater. They started making electro pop in 2008 and then left for separate colleges. Thankfully they reunited in 2010 to continue making music and hopefully the future holds big things for these two.

Their music has been called “Glitch Step” because it has a unique blending of glitch and dubstep. If you like electronic music and want to try something new give Coyote Kisses a listen. Start with “Acid Wolfpack” and then move into “This is How You Know” and finish with “Black Cat”.

American Authors- Writing Pop Rock History

I’m a sucker for pop music and I caught an earful of a catchy tune when I was flipping channels and landed on a Lowes commercial. The song was Best Day of My Life by the American Authors and I liked it because it was light and fun without being cheesy bubblegum pop.

To give you some background on the group, it’s made up of 4 guys who met when they were all going to school at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. They formed a band and played under the name, The Blue Pages. They found local success, but it wasn’t until last year when they made the move to Brooklyn, signed with Mercury Records, and changed their name to American Authors that things started really happening.

Their first single, Believer, is good, but I prefer their latest song that can be heard on a TV near you. If you enjoy the quick 30 seconds you heard on TV I definitely recommend following up with the whole track.
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Lulu James 21st Century Soul

When I first heard Lulu’s song Closer I knew Lulu was special. With out a doubt will make it in the music industry! Her sound is so unique with deep house singing vibes and sounds. Her beats on the tracks are a mixer of soul, dance, and hip hop if that makes sense. Lulu’s music could be appealing to the ear of many different people. Her voice is also strong and passionate which is always a plus. She started just singing at parties and open mics., which led to her getting a record deal from Black Butter Label Company. She just recorded her debut album which available for pre order on iTunes.


Lulu James – ‘Be Safe’ (Produced by Hostage & Kidnap Kid)

Rope Mirage – Lulu James


For more info and downloads you can fine Lulu Jame’s Website here

Really good remixes for Lulu James music!

Jillette Johnson – NYC Songbird

I came across this girl after seeing her picture in my Facebook Newsfeed. A friend of mine from Seattle plays in a band and he proudly posted that she was his dream girl. Being a good friend I had to Google this girl to make sure she was up to par. I found out that she wasn’t just really good looking, in a Northwest hipster way, she was also a very talented singer/songwriter.

She’s from New York City and her first full album, Water in a Whale, was released this week. Her music and voice is reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Jar of Hearts singer, Christina Perri. You can tell from her music that she is not one of those over-produced pop singers, which leads me to believe that she would put on a great live show with music that sounds as good as it does online.

Check out the first music video from her new album.The song is called Pauvre Coeur. The title is French and even after some extreme internet searching I still have no idea what it means. If you like Jillette Johnson or speak french and can let me know what that song title means be sure to leave us a message in the comments section or on our facebook page.

Natalia Kills – Kill My Boyfriend (2011)

Music You Might of Missed Monday- M.Y. M.O.M. Monday is bringing you another recent track that wasn’t on the radio but still had something special about it. I love a good pop song but sometimes bubble gum pop like the latest Britney Spears song for the new Smurfs movie is so cheesy that it’s hard to take it serious as music. This week I chose a pop song with an edge. The song is titled Kill My Boyfriend and this is not a topic that your typical pop star would touch but the result is a catchy track with a dark subject matter.

The artist Natalia Kills is from England and was signed to Will.I.Am’s music label after he heard her music in 2008. If you like her sound she has one album under her belt titled Perfectionist from 2011 and a new album on the horizon for a fall release this year titled Trouble.

Enjoy Kill My Boyfriend and let me know if you like the track.

Boy – Little Numbers (2012)

M.Y. M.O.M. MONDAY!! Music You Might of Missed presents a song from last year that might have slipped by you. The track is called Little Numbers and it is by an indie pop duo comprised of two girls, one from Germany and the other from Sweden.

The track has an indie pop sound that would fit perfectly into a romantic comedy film. If you love hard rock or only dance music you will most likely not enjoy this song, but if you are someone who is tired of hearing the same 10 pop songs on the radio, you might find this catchy tune refreshing.

Be sure to check back next week for a new song that didn’t get the playtime it deserved or suggest a song by messaging our facebook page.

Empire of the Sun – Pop Thunder from Down Under

Empire of the Sun is an electronic pop duo from Australia that fit my taste of catchy and danceable music that hopefully appeals to you as well.

The duo has found success in Australia since forming in 2008, but that hasn’t translated into success in the U.S. I feel like that can and should change in the near future after hearing some of their recent tracks. The sound is very reminiscent of another electronic pop duo, MGMT.

Their latest album, their 2nd, titled Ice On the Dune, was released just this last week and has been generating buzz from the first single, Alive.

Give Alive a listen and if you want to hear some of their old stuff you might recognize Walking on a Dream or We Are the People.

Empire of the Sun – Alive lyrics

Days go by my window
World slows down as it goes
Goodbye to last night
Lost love out of sight
Can’t you help me see? (They won’t get right)

Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive
Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive
Alive, alive, alive

Waking in the snow
Tracing steps with you
Swimming through the snow
Wrapped in, proud we’ll go
Can’t you help me see? (They won’t get right)

Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive, alive
Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive

Can you feel it’s call through me
I’m the one that you seek
All you need is so much, I’m just waiting on
Freedom is within you
Giving makes us feel good
Hello to our people
Say hello to the future
Freedom is within you
Giving makes us feel good
Hello to our ?eople
Say hello to the future

Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive, alive
Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive, alive
Alive, alive, alive
Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive
Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive
Alive, alive, alive