Kill Paris- Next-Gen Dubstep


I’ve been listening to a lot of music from up-and-coming dubstep and electronic producer, Kill Paris. It’s hard not to find similarities between Kill Paris and recent grammy winner Skrillex. They both create their music using the software program Ableton Live and both have a sound with pop inspiration which makes music from both artists more accessible to a mass audience that might not be ready for the unique sounds of dubstep and electronic music.

One thing that’s different about Kill Paris, that I love, is his youtube channel. Not only does he post tracks, but he has a number of tutorial videos on how he creates his sounds. With this website, sick new music artist, we are all about promoting new and upcoming artists and here is an artist who is gaining an audience and is still wanting to show people who are trying to get started what he’s doing and how they can do it too.

Enjoy a video of one of his tracks and also one of his tutorial videos with more on his youtube channel.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – 4 WEEKS AT #1!!


Okay, so Macklemore and Ryan Lewis usually would be the type of artist that is too mainstream to write about on this website, but I can’t help but give them a shout because I am so excited for their success. Their song, Thrift Shop, has been #1 on the Billboard Charts for 2 weeks straight now and I think it’s a really special achievement from 2 very special dudes.

The reason it’s special for me is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are from Seattle, like me. Aside from the fact that I had been listening to them for a while what I really like about their success is that Seattle and the Northwest haven’t had any real commercial or radio success in hip hop since the days of Sir Mix-Lot with Baby Got Back… and that was a long time ago. So for the last, almost 20 years, I’ve been watching new hip hop acts putting Houston, Chicago, Miami, etc.. on the map with breakout artists and now Seattle has an artist that they can claim to represent the Northwest.

What also makes these two so special and worth writing about is that they produced their album independently. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you really look I think you will be hard pressed to find many other artists who produce their own album and have the #1 song in the country. These two have been working so hard for the last few years and it shows in everything they do. To create their latest album, The Heist, they rented out a small studio space and put in long hours to reach their goals. Most of the featured artists on their album come from the Seattle area as well. I was reading that the featured singer, Wanz, on the track Thrift Shop, was a local software test engineer before jumping on the track when the boys said they needed someone with a smooth, Nate Dogg esque, sound.

If you love or hate Thrift Shop you gotta hear more from these two. They have two sides to them. If you want to hear their more sensitive side please check out the track, Same Love, if you haven’t already. If you like the fun, party feel, of Thrift Shop, then you have to check out, And We Danced.

My fear is that people might disregard Thrift Shop as a “One Hit Wonder”, but I assure you this is only the beginning and even if you don’t like these two I have a good feeling we will be hearing more of them in the future.

Icona Pop – Do You Love It?

I first tuned into this pair of Swedish female musicians after listening to the Chiddy Bang song, Mind Your Manners. The song Mind Your Manners is great and after first hearing it I thought the hook was being sung by a children’s choir like in the Justice track D.A.N.C.E. The truth was the singing was actually coming ¬†from the Swedish duo Icona Pop’s early track, Manners. Manners is a great song but I prefer it with the Chiddy Bang treatment. If you get the chance listen to both leave a comment and let me know which you prefer.

As for the future of Icona Pop, I think they have huge potential to be a breakout artist in 2013. In 2012 the buzz really started to build after their track, I Love It, started to gain some steam. I definitely like this group for their unique sound that combines electro and pop. Enjoy their video for, I Love It, and keep these two on your radar this next year.

Kraddy- Android Porn (2008)

Back in 2008 I was watching one of my favorite show’s, America’s Best Dance Crew, and this dance group, Ghost Crew, came on and danced to this song. Their dancing was good, but it was the track that got me more excited. I thought it was strange at the time because most of the music on the show was mostly mainstream pop music so to see them using a lesser known electronic song gave the show and MTV more credibility as a music outlet for new and upcoming artists in genres other than pop, in my eyes.

The artist, Kraddy, is a solo electronic producer and is also a former member of the Glitch Mob, which was a group of 5 electronic musicians who collaborated to create a unique sound that would be known as the electronic music sub genre, Glitch Hop.

What sticks out for me about the song, Android Porn, is the way it changes and builds. One of my favorite songs of all time is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk and what that song does that Android Porn does, is that it gets you comfortable with a certain sound and once it does that it changes and builds so by the end of the track it can be all over the place and you’re still enjoying the song because you were gradually eased into it. If you’re a lover of electronic music you probably already know this track but if not, check it out. If you are an electronic music producer, take note of how the song uses empty space and builds sounds on top of sounds.