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Jon Bellion


Jon Bellion is a rising star in the pop world.  You may have already heard many of his songs.  As a songwriter Jon writes songs and hooks for many others.  Among those others are Jason Derulo and Eminem.  The first name may not surprise you but the second name may have you scratching your head.   Have you heard the new Eminem song featuring Rihanna song called Monster?  If so you have heard Jon Bellion’s writing at work, he wrote the hook for this song.

How in the world did he get to write a hook for Eminem?  Is what you are most likely asking yourself.  I was asking the same question until I watched his interview with MTV.  When Jon sat down with them he explained how this all came about.  Turns out he originally went in to work with a producer that use to work with Slaughterhouse.  (Slaughterhouse is currently signed to Shady Records).  Jon went in and played that producer and others his songs which they were impressed with.  He was asked to write for them and he happily obliged.

When they started playing the keys he mumbled a hook.  Little did he know that hook would end up being used by Eminem later.  They loved the hook he mumbled and made an entire song from it.  After this the producer decided to take just the hook and send it off to record companies.  The response was epic as everyone wanted this hook.  Everyone including Shady Records who ultimately got it after Jon decided to take a chance and send it to them to use.

A few days later he found out that Eminem was going to use the hook he wrote.  He was thrilled t0 say the least.  After all his hard work he finally got a big break.  Still many people do not know about him which is the reason why I wrote this.

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