Alt-J (∆)- What’s With the Triangle?

Alt-J is a British Quartet with an amazing sound. When I was listening to their stuff on youtube I kept noticing a triangle in parenthesis. After looking up the meaning of the triangle I found that the triangle was representing the Greek uppercase letter delta (∆). So what does that have to do with Alt-J?? Apparently on Mac computers typing in Alt-J will give you that triangle symbol. So I guess you could call the band, Delta, or Triangle, but it seems that Alt-J is name that is growing with the band.

Usually I compare the Sick New Artist to a band but these guys have a really unique sound that I think is very cool. The song that will be playing in my car on repeat is titled Breezeblocks. The reason I like Breezeblocks so much is that it’s strange in a good way. At one point they play one of those tiny toy pianos and that just isn’t a sound that you normally hear in alternative music.

Give these Brits a chance and if you like Breezeblocks try out some of their other songs like Tesselate and Something Good.

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