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Deep House

April 21st, 2013

BEN PEARCE – If you like Deep House you will like this!

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Written by: Jason Butler
His Kicks, his Rhythm, and sexy beach cruising sounds are some of the best I have ever heard! Ben Pearce’s childhood was spent enjoying heavy metal and pop punk, he move to like electronic music in his late teens. His Deep house songs have a way on your soul, getting you in a trance of chill good music. His Song “What You Might Do” has really put him on the map bringing in close to 4 million views on YouTube after only 4 months! His Current Location is Manchester, UK and I’m sure he is all over the radio there!

About the Author

Jason Butler
Hey I'm just a guy who has a strong passion for music and internet. Which explains why I designed this site & one the authors for the it. I think there is so much good talent out there that goes unheard due to the media only being focused on the celebrity music. It's so hard to get your foot in the door one might say. I believe if we build a strong community with new music artist and people interested in new artist this site one day will be a way to get your foot in that door. If you believe in the mission please leave comments about the post and don't forget to like our Facebook page.


by Jason Butler


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Lulu James

Lulu James 21st Century Soul

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by Jason Butler



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