Billy Talent- Viking Death March



Billy Talent is a very talented rock band.  In their song “Viking Death March” they are able to effortlessly blend several musical variables together.  The talent part of their name is well earned in that what they are able to blend together in their songs is amazing.  In Viking Death March they almost flawlessly blend their lyrics, vocals and instruments together in a perfect harmony.  It is rare that a rock band or even a rock song can inject meaning and passion into a song without having to scream it.

I am going to further explain what I meant by the previous sentence.  In this song Bill Talent’s singer seems ready to belt out a vicious scream but then does not.  What he does is simply masterful.  He controls his voice and uses this control to match his band’s instruments without having to break down into screaming.

Many people do like screaming in their music.  I also like it in some of the music I listen to.  However I appreciate good singing just as much.  Billy Talent’s ability to fuse their singer’s stinging vocals with their roaring instruments makes for great songs like “Viking Death March”.

Back to the lyrics, Viking Death March’s lyrics send a powerful message.  It’s message to us is we, the masses, have great power and strength and it’s time to use it.  It’s time to use that power to turn the world around and get rid of the greed and corruption that rules the world currently.  Viking Death March also paints a picture of what would happen if we were to use our power.

The line “Down on your knees, you just dont look so tall” is a strong message to those in power.  It is saying even the most powerful person does not possess the power of all the people if we came together.  Also it is a metaphor in that no one is really tall on their knees and being on your knees is usually a sign of defeat or weakness.

It is a powerful song with a great message by an awesome rock band!   Listen to Viking Death March below:


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