Bingo Players- Dutch Dance Music

The thing about playing bingo is that it seems to be either for little kids or old people and during the years between you realize that their are better ways to spend your time. However the musicians, Bingo Players have been at it for a few years now and they are neither children or senior citizens. They are Dutch, and whenever I hear the word Dutch I think of Michael Caine in Austin Power’s 3 saying the only thing he hates is people who are intolerant of other cultures and the Dutch.

I think Michael Caine would approve of these fellas though. Two cool guys that have been making electronic dance and house music for the last few years and deserve more recognition for their sweet sound. Like a lot of artists on the site these musicians are European and why they might have fame overseas these are often artists who might not be played in the U.S. and deserve a little radio and commercial success in America.

Give a listen to the Bingo Players biggest song, Cry(Just a Little). This is the track that got me excited about the group and I also really enjoyed the track featuring the Far East Movement, Get Up(Rattle). Give a listen to both songs if you like electronic dance music and let me know if you’ve heard these guys before or if like Michael Caine, you have no time for the Dutch.

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