Black Kids- I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance (Twelves Remix) (2008)

It’s a very rare thing for a remix to surpass the original, but in my opinion the Twelves remix of “I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance” is the superior version of the song. The original version by the group Black Kids is more of an indie pop-rock track and the Twelves turn it into the kind of song you want to put on at a party and just jump around to.

The song is hopefully something you have heard in both the original and the remix. This one is hard for me to know how popular the track really is. I didn’t think it was much of a commercial success but one thing that makes me think otherwise is that I did see this remixed version of the track performed on the TV show Glee. Not that I have ever watched the show Glee, so I couldn’t tell you if the track was performed by Blaine at the dinosaur themed prom, but I heard it was on the show and that is usually a decent indicator of commercial success.

One of the most confusing things about the song is the first lyric sung by the male lead singer. “You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of… ever since I was a little girl.” To shed some light on the confusion, my understanding is that one of the female members of the group wrote the lyrics to the song and she also happens to be a lesbian. Hopefully that makes some sense out of these lyrics that I know threw me off guard after the first listen.

Let me know if you like the remix or the original and let me know if you think my theory about songs being featured on Glee should be any kind of gauge for commercial success in the comment section below.

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