Bastille feat. Ella – No Angels (TLC vs the XX) (2013)

Here’s a track for music you might if Missed Monday that is actually a more recent release earlier this year. The track is a cover of the famous TLC track, No Scrubs, along with some of the sweet sounds of The XX.

The song is weird. It’s definitely a darker take on the original pop song by TLC. You’ll notice some sound bites at the beginning and the end of the song. If they sound familiar or you’re wondering where they are from you might recognize them from the original Hitchcock thriller movie, Psycho.

Give it a listen and let me know if you prefer the original or if you are kind of digging this new take on the 90’s jam.

ViZion the best prospects to come out of Barbados since Rihanna.

ViZion is a rapper and a great song writer from the Caribbeans that has a exciting new version of urban music. Growing up he had a real passion for dancehall and reggae music. His favorite artist were Sizzla, Bounty Killer and Bob and Damian Marley. Later in life ViZion went to a boarding school in Canada where he fell in love with artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas. That’s when he started developing his own style of hip-hop. I like him for his lyrics and he sounds very clean on the auto tune. ViZion is with out a doubt one of the hottest rising stars out of Barbados, one might say one of the most exciting young prospects to come out of Barbados since Rihanna.

ViZion – Girl I Need You (Dream or Die)

ViZion – Gone

Ludovin – Nice sound for the right ear.

Ok So Ludovin is one of the artist that’s a required taste. He kinda reminds me of Owl City as far a rhythm and theme of some of his songs. He is a Swedish producer and composer well known for his work on US TV sitcoms theme songs Happy Endings, Community, and New Girl, as well as collaborating with Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) album Camp. I’m guessing they know each other because they both write for tv shows. Anyway Ludovin music might sound a little silly at times making songs about a squirrel and why he is so happy, but doesn’t mean he isn’t musically talented. I am a fan of his produced beats and believe if he finds his style and make it a little “cooler” he might have a future in the music industry. Comment below would love to hear what you think. Here you can download Ludovin Alubm EP.

Ludovin – Another One

Ludovin – So Happy

Rush Da Russian Rapper- Love me til you hate me



Rush Da Russian Rapper is a sick new rap artist that just burst onto the scene with “Love me til you hate me”.  In the song he raps about real things and calls out other rappers for their lyrics about money and sex.  When I first read the phrase “Russian Rapper”  I will admit I was not expecting the song I listened to sound as good as it was, not because he is Russian because it seemed like it was going to be just another gimmick used to compensate for the lack of lyricism, flow and song quality.  That is why I never judge a book by its cover even though I was very weary of the fact they compared him to Eminem like do to every white rapper to try to sell more singles/records.  After listening to the song I realized that there was no gimmick just an up and coming rapper with flow, lyricism and actual value in his song.  It is not fair to compare him to Eminem but Rush is definitely a sick new rap artist to look out for.  Enjoy the song!


Lupe Fiasco



Welcome to Slept On Sundays, where we highlight sick music artists that have been slept on by the mainstream.  Our first sick music artist is Lupe Fiasco, who is without a doubt one of the most slept on music artists that is in music today.  There is really no better song to start this off with then “Dumb it Down”  where Lupe brings attention that his music is being slept on because he refuses to dumb down his music like most of the artists in the mainstream are doing to sell records.  This song has a comical undertones but a serious message encouraging us to not put up with the dumbed down music of the mainstream.  It sends a message that intelligence should be appreciate and applauded and we should not let anyone force us to dumb it down.  Enjoy!




Skepta is 30 years old born in North London. He is an English MC, Producer and DJ. His main style of music is Grime and British hip hop. He is very nice to listen too with feel good party songs and also hype club rap tracks! He is lyrical with his raps and can sing decently with some auto tune. P.Diddy reached out to Skepta when he was looking for new talent. Skepta said he thought Diddy’s phone call was a joke. Diddy had Skepta Feature on a Dirty Money song, Grime, which was definitely his biggest break yet. Skepta says his goal is to be successful in music to show young African Americans in the Uk that there is a future in music, if you work hard enough. I will definitely be looking for Skepta to break out in the U.S. in the future. Comments are welcome below, let me know what you think of Skepta.

Skepta – Amnesia

The Man – G FrSH ft. Skepta

Skepta – Castles

Skepta – Ace Hood Flow

Eva Lazarus and Dub Mafia

I don’t know what else to say but Eva Lazarus and her band Dub Mafia are very talented! Their music is unique with a deep house vibe with Dubstep beat twist with powerful lyrics and passion coming for the lead singer Eva Lazarus. Their style of music is know as Bristol-based. People from the UK and Europe love Dub Mafia and the Bristol underground scene. Dub Mafia has 5 members and use a lot of cool instruments, including a dj scratch set that’s always involved in the music. The band also has a ‘no backing tracks’ policy which make them very fun to see live! Trust me if you are looking for some thing fun and new to listen too Dub Mafia might be the band for you.

dub Mafia

Dub Mafia & Buggsy ‘Sending Love’

V-A-L-V SESSIONS- The Ship- Dub Mafia ‘Warface’

Mr Woodnote & Eva Lazarus ‘Killer Track’

Audible1 Ft. Eva Lazarus – Stranger (Unplugged)

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Sean Michael – New, old School Rapper

Sean Michael is a very new rapper out of Nashville. There is nothing really on the internet about him but his music below. He reminds me of a combination of many rappers like Eminem, Wiz and Mac Miller. I enjoy is flow and lyrics and believe he can make a name of himself if he keep putting out get tracks. Comment and let me know what you guys think of his music!



A dope lyricist that has already has gone on tour with and gotten features from big rap artists such as Royce Da 5’9, Black Thought (The Roots) and Big Daddy Kane.  Going from a guy with a dream working in a Queens beat store to having worked with such legends this early on in his career the sky is limit for Koncept.  Sit back, enjoy his music and jump on board with Koncept as he ascends to Rap greatness!


Ratatat- Wildcat (2006)

Music You Might of Missed- Do you know Ratatat? They are an experimental electronic rock duo from New York that have been making music since 2001. I wanted to pay a special homage to their track, Wildcat.

This song has a special significance for me. With most of the songs that I write about for Music You Might of Missed, they relate to specific times in my life and when I hear them it brings up those memories. With Wildcat it takes me back to almost any long car ride with friends from 2007-2009.

My friends and I would often get bored on long drives so to pass the time we would try our best to do some freestyle rapping. I had put “Wildcat” on a mixed CD and then discovered that the song had a perfect beat for attempting to lay down some rhymes.

The goal was usually to make the other people in the car laugh so when I hear it now it reminds me of those good times. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at freestyle rapping, with friends or in the privately in your bedroom or car, you should put this track on and give it a go.

The great thing about the song is that there are no lyrics, only the occasional bad-ass cougar growl, and the tempo is a nice, steady speed for spitting a flow.

As a bonus I have to give one more track shout out to Ratatat. Like I mentioned most of their music contains no lyrics, but they did do this great remix of the Notorious B.I.G. track “Party and Bullshit”. The Biggy track is part of hip hop history and Ratatat just adds a cool and catchy electronic vibe to an already great song.

Check out both of the tracks below so you can get your rap on and then you can get your party on.