Twenty One Pilots- The Next Big Artist from Fueled By Ramen?

Twenty One Pilots is a band that was signed last year to the label, Fueled By Ramen. If I was in a young band getting signed to Fueled By Ramen it would be a feeling of great opportunity and great pressure. Fueled by Ramen, which is a subdivision of Atlantic records, has a history of choosing bands that transition alternative music into new directions. They did it with Fall Out Boy, they did it with Panic! at the Disco, and more recently they did it with Grammy winner for Best New Artist, Fun. I can’t talk about Fueled By Ramen without also mentioning Paramore, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and the under-rated group The Cab.

The band is made up of 2 young guys out of Columbus, Ohio. The inspiration for the name of the band is pretty interesting. The idea for the name came after one of the band members read the play, All My Sons by Henry Miller. The play is about a man who commits suicide after his business knowingly sends faulty parts that get used to build airplanes during WWII and the faulty parts end up killing twenty one pilots. The impact of the story’s moral dilemma led to naming the band after the twenty one pilots from the story. With a big trend in naming bands with words and numbers, Blink 182, Sum 41, Maroon 5 etc. I originally thought the band was named to keep up with that trend, but the fact that the name of the band has meaning and is a reference to classic literature makes it pretty cool.

So, the question is, does Twenty One Pilots have the sound to make an impact like some of their label mates. My opinion after hearing a couple songs is that they are a good band, but will not be 2013’s big breakout artist like Fun was in 2012. I’ve noticed a backlash against Fun in the last couple months, which I don’t understand. I’m not sure if it was one of those things where a band starts to get really popular and people who consider themselves music lovers don’t want to be associated with pop music enjoyed by the masses. For me, Fun is my favorite band of the last year and after hearing Twenty One Pilots I can say that unfortunately they probably won’t create the same impact for me and other listeners. That’s not to count them out completely. A new song could pop for them or their sound could develop into the right music at the right time.

Check out their track if you haven’t already heard them and let me know your thoughts about Twenty One Pilots in the comments section. Also, if you are a Fun hater or lover let me know if you have seen or experienced any backlash towards the recent Grammy winners and what you think the cause of the backlash might be.


Black Kids- I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance (Twelves Remix) (2008)

It’s a very rare thing for a remix to surpass the original, but in my opinion the Twelves remix of “I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance” is the superior version of the song. The original version by the group Black Kids is more of an indie pop-rock track and the Twelves turn it into the kind of song you want to put on at a party and just jump around to.

The song is hopefully something you have heard in both the original and the remix. This one is hard for me to know how popular the track really is. I didn’t think it was much of a commercial success but one thing that makes me think otherwise is that I did see this remixed version of the track performed on the TV show Glee. Not that I have ever watched the show Glee, so I couldn’t tell you if the track was performed by Blaine at the dinosaur themed prom, but I heard it was on the show and that is usually a decent indicator of commercial success.

One of the most confusing things about the song is the first lyric sung by the male lead singer. “You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of… ever since I was a little girl.” To shed some light on the confusion, my understanding is that one of the female members of the group wrote the lyrics to the song and she also happens to be a lesbian. Hopefully that makes some sense out of these lyrics that I know threw me off guard after the first listen.

Let me know if you like the remix or the original and let me know if you think my theory about songs being featured on Glee should be any kind of gauge for commercial success in the comment section below.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – 4 WEEKS AT #1!!


Okay, so Macklemore and Ryan Lewis usually would be the type of artist that is too mainstream to write about on this website, but I can’t help but give them a shout because I am so excited for their success. Their song, Thrift Shop, has been #1 on the Billboard Charts for 2 weeks straight now and I think it’s a really special achievement from 2 very special dudes.

The reason it’s special for me is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are from Seattle, like me. Aside from the fact that I had been listening to them for a while what I really like about their success is that Seattle and the Northwest haven’t had any real commercial or radio success in hip hop since the days of Sir Mix-Lot with Baby Got Back… and that was a long time ago. So for the last, almost 20 years, I’ve been watching new hip hop acts putting Houston, Chicago, Miami, etc.. on the map with breakout artists and now Seattle has an artist that they can claim to represent the Northwest.

What also makes these two so special and worth writing about is that they produced their album independently. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you really look I think you will be hard pressed to find many other artists who produce their own album and have the #1 song in the country. These two have been working so hard for the last few years and it shows in everything they do. To create their latest album, The Heist, they rented out a small studio space and put in long hours to reach their goals. Most of the featured artists on their album come from the Seattle area as well. I was reading that the featured singer, Wanz, on the track Thrift Shop, was a local software test engineer before jumping on the track when the boys said they needed someone with a smooth, Nate Dogg esque, sound.

If you love or hate Thrift Shop you gotta hear more from these two. They have two sides to them. If you want to hear their more sensitive side please check out the track, Same Love, if you haven’t already. If you like the fun, party feel, of Thrift Shop, then you have to check out, And We Danced.

My fear is that people might disregard Thrift Shop as a “One Hit Wonder”, but I assure you this is only the beginning and even if you don’t like these two I have a good feeling we will be hearing more of them in the future.

Icona Pop – Do You Love It?

I first tuned into this pair of Swedish female musicians after listening to the Chiddy Bang song, Mind Your Manners. The song Mind Your Manners is great and after first hearing it I thought the hook was being sung by a children’s choir like in the Justice track D.A.N.C.E. The truth was the singing was actually coming  from the Swedish duo Icona Pop’s early track, Manners. Manners is a great song but I prefer it with the Chiddy Bang treatment. If you get the chance listen to both leave a comment and let me know which you prefer.

As for the future of Icona Pop, I think they have huge potential to be a breakout artist in 2013. In 2012 the buzz really started to build after their track, I Love It, started to gain some steam. I definitely like this group for their unique sound that combines electro and pop. Enjoy their video for, I Love It, and keep these two on your radar this next year.

Danger Radio- Slow Dance with a Stranger (2008)

My first post for M.Y. M.O.M. Mondays which stands for Music You Might of Missed is from Danger Radio. This is a band from my home town of Seattle that I always thought deserved a bigger audience. I would describe them as a fun pop-rock band with very catchy songs and lyrics. The song I chose was Slow Dance with a Stranger off of their 2008 album, Used and Abused. I almost posted a song called Party Foul off of the same album so if you like this track be sure to give Party Foul a listen as well.

The most notable thing about this band is the voice of the lead singer Andrew De Torres. It’s a really unique voice that gives the band a very original sound. Give them a listen and let me know if you like their style or if you know Danger Radio, let me know what you think about them.

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Sia – More Than a Featured Artist

You would be living under a rock if you didn’t recognize this Australian singer’s voice. She has been the featured singer on 3 club and radio hits recently, that include, Flo Rida’s Wild Ones, David Guetta’s Titanium, and the more recent David Guetta track, She Wolf.

One thing you might not know about Sia is that, aside from singing, she is also an extremely talented song-writer and actually penned Rihanna’s Billboard chart topper, Diamonds.

Another interesting fact about Sia is that she was not originally supposed to be the singer on the smash hit Titanium. Sia wrote the song with David Guetta, Afrojack, and Giorgio Tuinfort and the intended singer was actually Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige even recorded her version of the track which eventually leaked online. David Guetta decided to use Sia as the featured vocal artist after hearing Sia’s version and liking it more than the version recorded by Mary J. Blige.

You can look forward to hearing more of Sia in the future as a song writer as well as a featured and solo artist. She originally wrote a song called Blank Page for singer Leona Lewis, but the track is now on Christina Aguilera’s new album with both her and Sia singing on the track together.

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