American Authors- Writing Pop Rock History

I’m a sucker for pop music and I caught an earful of a catchy tune when I was flipping channels and landed on a Lowes commercial. The song was Best Day of My Life by the American Authors and I liked it because it was light and fun without being cheesy bubblegum pop.

To give you some background on the group, it’s made up of 4 guys who met when they were all going to school at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. They formed a band and played under the name, The Blue Pages. They found local success, but it wasn’t until last year when they made the move to Brooklyn, signed with Mercury Records, and changed their name to American Authors that things started really happening.

Their first single, Believer, is good, but I prefer their latest song that can be heard on a TV near you. If you enjoy the quick 30 seconds you heard on TV I definitely recommend following up with the whole track.
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Papa Roach- Between Angels and Insects


My Mom Mondays gives you more music you have have missed with Papa Roach “Between Angels and Insects”.  From their first album with the same title, Between Angels and Insects  in my opinion is one of Papa Roach’s best songs and is a song that should be heard by everyone.  It is a song with a lot of substance and one that makes a lot of sense, Papa Roach tells us we do not need money or possessions and we need to wake up and not be obsessed with getting things we do not need.  I definitely agree with them.  Enjoy the Music!


Slept On Music Artists- Hawthorne Heights


Slept on Sundays is here once again and this week we present Slept On Music Artists Hawthorne Heights with one of the of the sickest songs “Ohio is for Lovers”.  This was the first song I ever heard by Hawthorne Heights and it delivered all the way.  Balancing instruments, singing and screaming they blend these together in skillful harmony.  If you have never heard of this song you definitely need to or if you have not heard of Hawthorn Heights this is the song you need to hear first.  These guys need a lot more support and love for the music they create, this song has under a million views currently on Youtube,  let’s fix that!   Enjoy the song and spread the word!


Alt-J (∆)- What’s With the Triangle?

Alt-J is a British Quartet with an amazing sound. When I was listening to their stuff on youtube I kept noticing a triangle in parenthesis. After looking up the meaning of the triangle I found that the triangle was representing the Greek uppercase letter delta (∆). So what does that have to do with Alt-J?? Apparently on Mac computers typing in Alt-J will give you that triangle symbol. So I guess you could call the band, Delta, or Triangle, but it seems that Alt-J is name that is growing with the band.

Usually I compare the Sick New Artist to a band but these guys have a really unique sound that I think is very cool. The song that will be playing in my car on repeat is titled Breezeblocks. The reason I like Breezeblocks so much is that it’s strange in a good way. At one point they play one of those tiny toy pianos and that just isn’t a sound that you normally hear in alternative music.

Give these Brits a chance and if you like Breezeblocks try out some of their other songs like Tesselate and Something Good.

Breaking Benjamin – Simple Design (2004)


Let’s start Monday off right with some Music You Might of Missed: Sick Rock Artist, Breaking Benjamin’s singles such as “I Will Not Bow” and “Diary Jane” are quite often heard on rock stations but unless you dig deeper and listen to their entire album you will quite often miss a gem such as the song “Simple Design”.  This song is a perfect example of how a sick rock artist creates a sick rock song, blending together most of the best aspects of rock into one pretty awesome song.  Benjamin Benjamin is definitely a sick rock artist that makes great rock songs as demonstrated by the song below, Enjoy!