Passionately Good, Lady Vale and Simone Vitullo on a Track!

Simone Vitullo is a producers and DJ from Italy. His sound is very deep house, if you want to hear more you can visit his Soundcloud here. Lady Vale says “music was my first love and it will be my last” Her real name is Valentina La Macchia and she is from Italy too. She is a singer and song writer. I would say she is talented on base on her single Passionately she a great song writer. The song is fun and be a good one to mix if you are a dj.

Katt Niall

Katt Niall is a Australian that’s is a singer, producer and a DJ. He also played the drums for 13 years and took 4 years of audio production school. Her djing and performing live sets have even caught the attention of trance music icon Carol Cox! He played her song on a mix and it got global attention. Since then she was named ‘Producers of the Week’ live on air by MYNC front man Mark Brown early 2012, 62,000 YouTube hits and hitting #1 in Hard Dance categories on beatport. I like her music a lot and it’s good if you are looking for something to party too. Her being a producer, singer, and DJ, I think its fair to say she gonna have good success in the music industry.

Everyday – Stevie Mink & Katt Niall

Reuben Keeney feat. Katt Niall

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky (Katt Niall Remix)

Katt Niall – You’re My Excuse

Reuben Keeney feat. Katt Niall – Good Times Together

Kolombo – DJ & producer from Belgium

Hard work, consistency, and great technical skills are the key factors for Kolombo’s continued success within dance music. He has a huge following in Brazil, Mexico and Russia and tours in those places often, see dates here. I like his music a lot mainly because it’s very unique house and very mixable if you are a DJ looking for DJ friendly tracks to add to your playlist. Most of his songs will keep the party going with his dancing fun style!
Kolombo Mixing

Kolombo March 2013 DJ Mix – OFF Recordings Podcast

Fly Project Music

Fly Project is a duo Romanian Electro group I find pretty fly with their hypnotizing beats and smooth Lyrics. Tudor Ionescu is the singer and Song Writer of the group and Dan Denes is the Beat Producer. They have some fame in Romania but I thinking soon, we might be hearing them on the radio here in the United States. In 2010 they were Nomination best Romanian artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

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Bingo Players- Dutch Dance Music

The thing about playing bingo is that it seems to be either for little kids or old people and during the years between you realize that their are better ways to spend your time. However the musicians, Bingo Players have been at it for a few years now and they are neither children or senior citizens. They are Dutch, and whenever I hear the word Dutch I think of Michael Caine in Austin Power’s 3 saying the only thing he hates is people who are intolerant of other cultures and the Dutch.

I think Michael Caine would approve of these fellas though. Two cool guys that have been making electronic dance and house music for the last few years and deserve more recognition for their sweet sound. Like a lot of artists on the site these musicians are European and why they might have fame overseas these are often artists who might not be played in the U.S. and deserve a little radio and commercial success in America.

Give a listen to the Bingo Players biggest song, Cry(Just a Little). This is the track that got me excited about the group and I also really enjoyed the track featuring the Far East Movement, Get Up(Rattle). Give a listen to both songs if you like electronic dance music and let me know if you’ve heard these guys before or if like Michael Caine, you have no time for the Dutch.

GOLDHOUSE Breathes Electric

GOLDHOUSE has really made a presents in the dance music scene. He began making a name for himself with remixes of songs we hear on the radio. His most successful remixed song on YouTube is Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel. Pulling in over a half of Million views. With his remixes doing so well and pulling in close to a million hits with all of them together he decide to come out with his original music with an album. His single is called Last One You Love, very catchy and nice to listen to. If you like happy music you can dance too, you can’t go wrong with GOLDHOUSE. He kinda remind me of Metro Station with his rhythm and voice. He was a special guest on a tour with The Ready Set & Outasight tour. Below you can find a video of his performance. Let me know what you think of him. I believe he will be on his way to fame if he keeps up the good work. You can visit his site here.

Michael Calfan

Michael is really making a name for himself with his dance style music production.

I like him because he reminds me of Tiesto, having similar sounds, yet using them in different ways and not to mention he is also a DJ. He has be getting recognition from some of the best in the game. Such as Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and more. Dance music star Bob Sinclar says “It was long since I had felt such good vibes with a young artist”, Michael Calfan has had several releases on Bob Sinclar’s Yellow Productions. Bob Sinclar’s Label, Yellow Productions signed Michael Calfan as their artist last year.



Deep House Music Equals Tube & Berger

I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than listening to chill Deep house music windows down just cruising in the car.

Tube & Berger, aka Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic started doing music at sixteen together. After 8 years of hard work and the deep kicks leading the way in production, Tube and Berger finally got the chance to release a studio album June 2012 called Introlution.

Introlution is a original approach to the club sound. The overall feeling is a clubby album be chill enough to cruise in the car.


See Website


Patricia Kazadi – Go Crazy Great Music Right here!!!



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