Hadouken! is so much more than a sound effect that gamers remember from playing Street Fighter II on their Super Nintendos. It’s also the name of a great electronic rock band from London.

It used to be that I would hear a song on a commercial and then look up the band to download the track and now with the popularity of viral videos it can have the same effect on an even larger scale. We have seen this recently with the “Harlem Shake” video trend going strong and lifting the song to #1 for the last 4 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. With Hodouken! they figured out years ago that if they attach their songs to a potential viral video that they can reach a huge audience that might not have otherwise heard their music and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

They put out their song, Mecha Love, 3 years ago with the viral video “People are Awesome” which has racked up a total of 60 million views and then 3 months ago they put out the follow-up video which is titled “People are Awesome 2013” with their song, Levitate. The latest video has already been watched 51 million times. This latest video with Levitate looks like it will pass up their first video in views very soon.

As for the band and the music, they have a really cool sound. The music is a perfect companion for these videos which, if you couldn’t guess from the title, shows people doing awesome things. Their talent and the success of the viral videos has helped them build a fanbase over the last few years that is allowing them to play bigger concerts and they are now starting to achieve commercial success.

Check out the videos below, if you haven’t already seen them, and leave a comment on what you think. Is the music good enough to stand on it’s own or are the crazy stunts the only appeal of these viral videos?

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