Icona Pop – Do You Love It?

I first tuned into this pair of Swedish female musicians after listening to the Chiddy Bang song, Mind Your Manners. The song Mind Your Manners is great and after first hearing it I thought the hook was being sung by a children’s choir like in the Justice track D.A.N.C.E. The truth was the singing was actually coming ¬†from the Swedish duo Icona Pop’s early track, Manners. Manners is a great song but I prefer it with the Chiddy Bang treatment. If you get the chance listen to both leave a comment and let me know which you prefer.

As for the future of Icona Pop, I think they have huge potential to be a breakout artist in 2013. In 2012 the buzz really started to build after their track, I Love It, started to gain some steam. I definitely like this group for their unique sound that combines electro and pop. Enjoy their video for, I Love It, and keep these two on your radar this next year.

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