Kill Paris- Next-Gen Dubstep


I’ve been listening to a lot of music from up-and-coming dubstep and electronic producer, Kill Paris. It’s hard not to find similarities between Kill Paris and recent grammy winner Skrillex. They both create their music using the software program Ableton Live and both have a sound with pop inspiration which makes music from both artists more accessible to a mass audience that might not be ready for the unique sounds of dubstep and electronic music.

One thing that’s different about Kill Paris, that I love, is his youtube channel. Not only does he post tracks, but he has a number of tutorial videos on how he creates his sounds. With this website, sick new music artist, we are all about promoting new and upcoming artists and here is an artist who is gaining an audience and is still wanting to show people who are trying to get started what he’s doing and how they can do it too.

Enjoy a video of one of his tracks and also one of his tutorial videos with more on his youtube channel.

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