Natalia Kills – Kill My Boyfriend (2011)

Music You Might of Missed Monday- M.Y. M.O.M. Monday is bringing you another recent track that wasn’t on the radio but still had something special about it. I love a good pop song but sometimes bubble gum pop like the latest Britney Spears song for the new Smurfs movie is so cheesy that it’s hard to take it serious as music. This week I chose a pop song with an edge. The song is titled Kill My Boyfriend and this is not a topic that your typical pop star would touch but the result is a catchy track with a dark subject matter.

The artist Natalia Kills is from England and was signed to Will.I.Am’s music label after he heard her music in 2008. If you like her sound she has one album under her belt titled Perfectionist from 2011 and a new album on the horizon for a fall release this year titled Trouble.

Enjoy Kill My Boyfriend and let me know if you like the track.

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