Never Shout Never – Trouble (2009)

Music You Might of Missed Monday. This is one of my top 5 songs of all time. Never Shout Never was started as a solo project by singer/songwriter Cristofer Drew Ingle and now he tours with a band and the whole group is known as Never Shout Never. He started recording music at age 16 and started to develop a following on Myspace in 2008. That success has led to him being featured on MTV and a cult following with national touring. His success hasn’t translated into any big commercial hits yet but his music is definitely worth checking out. My favorite song comes from 2009 from a 3 track EP he put out titled, Me and My Uke.

Me and my Uke features Cristofer alone with his ukulele performing tracks that are simple, light, and catchy. Trouble is my favorite of the 3 tracks. The ukulele saw a rise in popularity between 2008-2010 from artists like Jason Mraz, Train, and the Plain White T’s. We don’t hear much of it in new music so hopefully it wasn’t just a musical fad like saying YOLO.

Give Trouble a listen and let us know if you’re a fan already or hearing it for the first time.

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