Nikki Williams- Rising Pop Starlet

I’m a sucker for good pop music so I’m always looking for who we could be hearing on the radio next month, Nikki Williams could be that pop star. Nikki Williams is another one of those singers who spent a lot of time writing music for other artists and makes the transition into becoming a performer herself. Other artists that took similar paths were Ke$ha, Neyo, and former sick new music artist Sia.

Nikki Williams co-wrote the hit song for Demi Lovato, Heart Attack. What’s strange about that connection is that Nikki Williams has a similar look and sound. Her sound also reminds me of Cascada. When you hear Nikki Williams talk you might be confused by her accent. Her accent comes from growing up in South Africa before moving to Nashville at age 16.

Another interesting fact that I have to mention is that she was married and recently got a divorce from Nicolas Cage’s son.

The song that is getting her a lot of attention right now is titled Glowing. It’s got a lot of electronic dance influence which should make it a popular track for hearing at a club or getting remixed by other artists. Give it a listen and let me know if you like her sound.

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