Olly Murs- Dance with Me Tonight (2011)

You might recognize the name Olly Murs. Maybe you’ve been enjoying this British singers work over the last couple years or maybe you’ve just recently heard him on the radio singing his track Troublemaker featuring Flo Rider. I’m not a huge fan of the song Troublemaker because Olly and the music sound WAY TOO MUCH like Maroon 5. particularly the Maroon 5 song, This Love. I’ll post a link to both tracks below so you can compare and then you can tell me I’m not crazy for hearing a striking  resemblance between the two tracks.

Anyway, that’s not a huge deal breaker. Many songs sound the same and often people don’t notice. The track I want to talk about for music-you-might-of-missed Monday this week is Dance with Me Tonight by Olly Murs. The song was the 2nd single off of his album, In Case You Didn’t Know, from 2011. The song is unique because it has this great Motown throw back sound that really is hard not to like. Olly made this track after being frustrated with the way guys and girls might meet at a club and then communicate via text or facebook. Olly wanted to do a track that recalled the times when a guy would ask a girl on an actual date and they could have a nice night, even possibly going out dancing.

To give some more backround on Olly Murs, he rose to fame after being the runner up on the X-Factor in 2009. That was the British X-Factor, not the American X-Factor with the many faces of Britney Spears. I think Olly Murs is pretty good, but this specific song is really the special track for me that can be put on at any time and can bring up all those great memories of Motown music with a modern twist. I also am a big fan of Chiddy Bang so I really like there collaboration on the track, Heart Skips a Beat.

The video for Dance with Me Tonight is below. Leave a comment if you’ve heard this track or are hearing it for the first time. Also as promised the new Olly Murs track and below that the Maroon 5 song for you to compare and tell me I’m not completely crazy for thinking these tracks are way too similar.


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  3. I really like Troublemaked even tho its a Maroon 5 rip-off Kelly Clarkson Catch my braeth is great too, i was obsessed it this song, but mehThe other songs, not soo much. especially Little Things

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