Ratatat- Wildcat (2006)

Music You Might of Missed- Do you know Ratatat? They are an experimental electronic rock duo from New York that have been making music since 2001. I wanted to pay a special homage to their track, Wildcat.

This song has a special significance for me. With most of the songs that I write about for Music You Might of Missed, they relate to specific times in my life and when I hear them it brings up those memories. With Wildcat it takes me back to almost any long car ride with friends from 2007-2009.

My friends and I would often get bored on long drives so to pass the time we would try our best to do some freestyle rapping. I had put “Wildcat” on a mixed CD and then discovered that the song had a perfect beat for attempting to lay down some rhymes.

The goal was usually to make the other people in the car laugh so when I hear it now it reminds me of those good times. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at freestyle rapping, with friends or in the privately in your bedroom or car, you should put this track on and give it a go.

The great thing about the song is that there are no lyrics, only the occasional bad-ass cougar growl, and the tempo is a nice, steady speed for spitting a flow.

As a bonus I have to give one more track shout out to Ratatat. Like I mentioned most of their music contains no lyrics, but they did do this great remix of the Notorious B.I.G. track “Party and Bullshit”. The Biggy track is part of hip hop history and Ratatat just adds a cool and catchy electronic vibe to an already great song.

Check out both of the tracks below so you can get your rap on and then you can get your party on.

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