Rush Da Russian Rapper- Love me til you hate me



Rush Da Russian Rapper is a sick new rap artist that just burst onto the scene with “Love me til you hate me”.  In the song he raps about real things and calls out other rappers for their lyrics about money and sex.  When I first read the phrase “Russian Rapper”  I will admit I was not expecting the song I listened to sound as good as it was, not because he is Russian because it seemed like it was going to be just another gimmick used to compensate for the lack of lyricism, flow and song quality.  That is why I never judge a book by its cover even though I was very weary of the fact they compared him to Eminem like do to every white rapper to try to sell more singles/records.  After listening to the song I realized that there was no gimmick just an up and coming rapper with flow, lyricism and actual value in his song.  It is not fair to compare him to Eminem but Rush is definitely a sick new rap artist to look out for.  Enjoy the song!


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