Similou- All This Love (2004)

So this week for, Music you Might of Missed, I want to talk about a fun European dance song called All This Love by the electronic duo, Similou. I thought I knew this song before I started writing this article, but I was wrong. ]

I first heard this song on the local dance music radio station in Seattle and after I heard it I did what I usually did when I found a cool song in 2004, I went on Napster to download it. I figured the name of the song was Rainbow Styling because they say it repeatedly in the chorus. I found Rainbow Styling through the Napster title search and it said the artist was Royksopp, a Norwegian electronic dance duo.

I put the track on a CD and blasted it in my car and some of my friends who were riding with me really liked the fun beat and catchy chorus of the track. So later that summer in 2004 I was DJing a house party and decided to throw it on. Most of my friends weren’t into electronic music so I was a little nervous about doing this. This was the summer of 2004, the summer that gave us Usher’s, “YEAH”. YEAH was such a huge hit that during that same time period Lil Jon reused the exact same beat for the song “Freak-a-Leak” and nobody seemed to notice or care, that’s how huge that song was. You could have two hits with the exact same beat. The only other time I can think of this happening is Tone Loc’s Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina. Anyway, the point is, you can only play “Yeah” so many times at a party so I decided to put on the track with the chorus about Rainbow Styling.

My drunk friends were hypnotized by the track and started dancing. They loved it and the weird thing about my friends is that the dudes love to dance with each other. I know that might sound a few alarms about the sexual preference of some of my friends, but I assure you it was all about having fun and making each other laugh. It’s hard not to laugh at a living room full of drunk dudes dancing to a song about rainbows. My friends even put together a signature move to the song where they would put their arms straight up into the air and then jump side to side. (I need to post a video of this.)

Anyway, the song brings up some great memories of house parties and laughing with friends so I wanted to write about it for “Music you Might of Missed”. With every track I like to give a little background and at the very least tell what year the music came out. For this track I googled Royksopp, Rainbow Styling and a bunch of results came up, even some Youtube videos of the track with Royksopp as the artist. After searching for the album and release date of the track I discovered the song wasn’t by Royksopp and it’s not called Rainbow Styling. For years I’ve had it all wrong and the actual artist is Similou and the song is really called All This Love. Apparently I’m not the only one to make this mistake and it’s just something that has continued to confuse people. The moral is don’t believe everything you read on the internet, but I’m glad I can now give the track proper credit and a proper shout out to the proper electronic duo, Similou, who come from Sweden and not Royksopp, who are another great electronic duo from Norway.

Here is the track and I encourage you to listen. If you are alone or with friends and are very brave, turn it up and try the dance move created for this track. Put your hands in the air and jump side to side to the music. Let me know if you like it and if you’ve ever had a time where you thought a song was by a different artist until you found out later.

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  1. I don’t listen to the songs, cos I read at work and that would just be anoyning to the rest of the orifice. (Also, I may be a bit thick, but when I have tried to listen, couldn’t fathom out how!)I do, however, usually read what you have to say about the songs. I have to admit that I have never heard most of them, but it’s always good when I have.Anyway, what would you replace it with? My suggestion weekly pug update.

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