The Scene Aesthetic – Beauty in the Breakdown (2006)

It’s Monday so that means it’s time to highlight a track you might have missed from the past. This week I’m taking it back to 2006 when Myspace was the cool social networking site and Facebook was still in its early days. Myspace has fallen off the radar but one of the things that Myspace did really well was provide an easy way for new artists to promote themselves and have their music discovered. This word about The Scene Aesthetic grew really fast on Myspace and they became one of the most popular bands on the site without finding radio or commercial success beyond that.

The band is made up of two guys that sing and play acoustic instruments and the sound can be described as acoustic indie pop. The unique thing about their sound is that both vocalists are very talented, but have very different voices. So if this was a solo act I don’t think it would work, but when the two each take a verse or harmonize together it creates a really great sound that just works.

I know the song is seven years old but I do think it’s still worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. Check out the song below and let me know in the comments section if you like it.

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