Timeflies – More Than Just Youtube Famous

I’ve talked before about youtube being the greatest place to find new artists. With youtube you can make a song and a video and share it with the world and if it’s good people will pick up on it and share it with others. With the duo Timeflies they have been building an audience of subscribers for the last couple years that tune into their weekly, Tuesday released videos titled, Timeflies Tuesday. Most of the videos are covers of popular songs and many generate over a million views. With this popularity the question is can they harness that popularity into mainstream success with original music?

Judging from their recent track, Swoon, I would say that yes they have the talent to break out beyond youtube fame. The duo is made up of New York natives Rob Resnick (producer) and Cal Shapiro (vocalist). They are both white, Jewish Americans and their music can be described as hip hop with electronic influence.

So what can we expect from Timeflies in 2013? Well last month they partnered with Island Def Jam records to create their own label called Forty8Fifty. With this new label they plan on releasing another full length album this year.

Please listen to some Timeflies and tell me what you think. Are they a sick new music artist and are you looking forward to hearing more new music from them or do you think this duo should stick to the weekly videos on Youtube?

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