Vexare – The Clockmaker (2011)

Music you Might of Missed is featuring a dubstep track by the artist Vexare. This is one of those tracks that a friend tells you about and you’re so glad that they introduced you to a song or artist that you might not have found on your own. This song is dubstep, but it has a really light and almost relaxing vibe, but after you’re all comfortable and relaxed, it drops hard. It’s really unique and if you don’t like dubstep because it’s too wild and intense for you, you might enjoy the more mellow approach of this track.

After doing some research on the artist Vexare I had my mind blown to find out that when the artist wrote this song he was only 14!!! He’s 16 now and he’s continuing to build an audience and write music, but it blows my mind how well this was produced by a kid who was just out of middle school. The artist’s real name is Palmer Hogan and he started training in classical piano at age 9 and then took up producing trance and hardstyle music at age 12. I don’t know many young musicians but I think it’s safe to say that this young dude is a prodigy. Take a listen and if you like it check out more of Vexare’s music online or look for him to possibly be touring in your area.

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