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  1. My fiance and I are genttig married next year (August 13, 2011) and we have been trying to find a dog marrying a cat wedding topper. I was wondering if you knew where they could be found? We can’t find them anywhere!I love the wedding topper where the human faces are that of animals. We aren’t into the whole furry thing, but Leon’s animal spirit is a dog and mine seems to be a cat as the follow me. So we figured having a dog marrying a cat as a wedding topper would be symbolic of us.Thanks!Ami

  2. I could see you as a deer, for some reason. Creepy snouding, yeah, but I see it. @Mom- Love you, but no. @Carrie- Maybe we could turn the alligators into dinosaurs? lol@diorable- I have a black standard poodle right next to me that I would like to turn into a cake topper or glue if she doesn’t stop bugging me. :p@Alisha- I just went and checked. His is awesome. He’s a Fire Tiger. Mine? A Wood Rat. Not quite sexypants. :p

  3. hrm a wood rat wouldn’t make a very good toeppr at all but the fire tiger pretty cool! Cake toepprs are hard to choose, yo. I finally found the perfect one for us but I know what you mean about the art-project-related-guilt. Sometimes you just want to buy it!

  4. Tracy & Steve – We are praying for you Jason, and flmaiy. The second opinion at Moffit is truly a great plan. Moffitt is fantastic. If you need us to babysit Thursday, let us know. I know how crazy things can get. Luv ya Tracy, Steve, Skylar and Justin OH AND SHASTA DOG!

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